Accomodating! My experiences with Chris n Rod’s has always been very good…I always think of things after I get there, and if mentioned they answer me if they can or can’t, or ease my worries if it’s serious or not, and that I am grateful for…there was an issue that I asked about and explained it, they told me they would look at it….said they couldn’t reach it and would need to remove a big part of my car to get to it and told me the labor price…a bit later I saw the mechanic near where this part was that wasn’t functioning, and lo and behold they got to it and fixed it, and didn’t take as long as I was originally told…Thank you all so much.. My car passed inspection and still needed a few things done, but I left feeling very secure that all was taken care of, and I would be safe on the road…Have a blessed weekend everyone and Thank you again….